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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child photographed in public with mom

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child
photographed in public with mom

LOS ANGELES, California -- There are no real coincidences in Hollywood now, are there? Alexis L. Loinaz of Eonline reported that “on the heels of a manic promo blitz by Arnold Schwarzenegger hyping his new autobiography—and right on the cusp of a hotly touted 60 Minutes interview airing this weekend—the Governator's love child and ex-mistress were spotted stepping out together on Thursday, Sept. 27, in Los Angeles.”
Joseph Baena and his mother, Mildred Baena—who were at the center of the very public meltdown of Schwarzenegger's marriage to Maria Shriver—were photographed leaving a pet store.
Arnold Schwarzenegger comes clean about affair with housekeeper
It's been about a year since the two were last seen publicly after opting to keep a low profile following some canny media appearances.
Joseph, now 14, appears to be all grown up, sporting his father's hulking frame and signature curly brown locks.
Schwarzenegger has been actively dishing out his mea culpas as he stumps for his book, Total Recall. In a sneak preview of his 60 Minutes interview that aired on CBS This Morning earlier this week, he revealed that Shriver is "wishing me well with everything that I do" but admitted that she has yet to read the book.
Watch the trailer for his new book Total Recall—yep, it's got its own trailer!
And with good reason: In it, the Governator reveals pretty salacious tidbits, like having sex with Baena in the guest house of his California home in 1996 when Shriver was away on vacation with their four children.
Total Recall his bookstores on Oct. 1—a day before Joseph's 15th birthday.
See? No coincidences in Hollywood.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

2012 Emmys Night: 10 Things You Gotta Know

2012 Emmys Night: 10 Things You Gotta Know

LOS ANGELES, California -- Tonight, TV is celebrating, well, TV. And we'll definitely be tuning in, reports John Boone of Eonline.
“And we assume you will too, which is why, with hours to go until the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards (which starts at 5 p.m. ET / 2 p.m. PT) we've compiled a list of everything you need to know before the festivities kick off.
Oh, and after you're prepped, tune in to our Live From the Red Carpet coverage (at 6 p.m. ET / 3 p.m. PT on E!) as well as logging on to our official Livestream, hosted by Alicia Quarles and our very own TV guru, Kristin Dos Santos.”
But back to the essentials:
Make sure you brush up on the complete list of nominations before the show starts!
1. The Red Carpet Return of Giuliana Rancic: After the party is the after party (and the E! team will be covering all of 'em, don't fret)…but before the Emmys show kicks off, the legendary red carpet will roll out and our own Ryan Seacrest (who's competing for Best Reality Host) and Giuliana Rancic will man their mics, marking G's long anticipated return. Good luck, girl!
2. No Drama in the Dramatic Acting Race: Need a couple no-brainers to ease your way in to the night? Then rest assured knowing that Claire Danes and Bryan Cranston will be taking home trophies for their work on Homeland and Breaking Bad, respectively. Wins would tie Cranston for most wins ever in Best Actor races and officially confirm that Danes was the breakout star of last season.
3. A Little Less Glee to Go Around: While some familiar faces from the choir room will surely pop up (as creator Ryan Murphy will be celebratring his highly nominated series American Horror Story), the Emmys will be missing one Gleek: Lea Michele. Instead, Rachel Berry herself (who handled her acting snub with grace) will apparently be across the country in New York, working.
Relive some of the most memorable notable quotables ever said at the Emmys!
4. Zooey Deschanel Could Win…Best Dressed: As much as we love Jess and all her adorkableness on our favorite Fox comedy, New Girl, we have a feeling the "It Girl" of the season won't lock that Best Comedy Actress award (that honor will probably go to Julia Louis-Dreyfus). But, no tears, Ms. D., as we're sure you'll earn a spot at the top of the Best Dressed list.
5. New Girl Will Get GOOP-ified: And Zooey might have some company at the top of the Best Dressed list, though of the male variety: Costar Max Greenfield, who will both compete in the Supporting Comedy Actor and cover the event for pal Gwyneth Paltrow's website. Just don't expect Zooey and Max to have a fashion feud, as he told us, "We're coordinating. We want to make sure we don't wear the same outfit!"
6. Mad Men Might Get Beat by Meth: The critical AMC darling might take home its fifth Best Drama Series win this year. In fact, your bookie would likely tell you to bet that way. But wait! Don Draper (Jon Hamm) could be overshadowed by a little drug dealer named Walter White (that'd be Cranston). And you better believe we'll be glued to the screen when that envelope opens.
The competition will be fierce on the red carpet—look back at the best of the best!
7. Nothing New About Modern Family's Luck: Might ABC's hit series complete the hat trick of three consecutive years of Best Comedy wins? Probably. In fact, it's nearly inevitable. And while we obviously love the Pritchett-Dunphy gang, we'd consider it a complete shock (in the best possible way) if the win went to the more controversial but equally deserving Girls.
8. Three Cheers for the Epically Snubbed: We're still kind of bummed (and by "kind of" we mean really, really, really—snot on our faces, mascara running everywhere, ugly-Claire Danes-crying—devastated) that Parks and Recreation was snubbed for Best Comedy Series. But Amy Poehler will have a shot at the Best Comedy Actress Category, and we're sure that leaves Pawnee proud.
9. In Memoriam and Still In the Competition: It'll be a bittersweet night for Desperate Housewives fans, what with the late, great Kathryn Joosten earning a posthumous nom in the Best Supporting Actress Comedy race for her turn as neighborhood busybody Mrs. McCluskey. And whether she wins or loses, she will certainly be honored.
10. The Host with the Most? We'll See: But we're calling it: Sure, other hosts have done their best in the past, but Jimmy Kimmel—who will run the show tonight—will be a standout. Now don't let us down, Kimmel!
Get a good look at this year's most notable nominees before they hit the carpet!

True holiness consists in doing God's will with a smile.

"I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world."

Tuesday, September 18, 2012



The Daily Beast has reported that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have won an injunction in a French court preventing celebrity magazine Closer from publishing further paparazzi shots of the duchess sunbathing topless. A criminal investigation has also been launched, targeting the editor of Closer and the unknown person who took the pictures.
No action has been taken against the publishers of the images in Italy and Ireland, however, with a palace source indicating such action was unlikely.
Mondadori France, Closer's publishing company, has also been ordered to hand over all copies of the image within 24 hours, or else face a fine of €10,000 per day.
A similar fine will apply if it breaches any other terms of the injunction, including a ban on transmitting the images.
Kate's lawyer said yesterday: "In what name did this magazine publish these shocking photos? ... It was certainly not in the name of information. This has no place on the cover of a magazine or even in an article in a magazine," and argued in court that the photographs were a breach of the French privacy laws and were "a shocking breach of their personal intimacy".
But one senior executive at a British celebrity magazine told the Guardian: "I think the action has been taken while the horse is already half way round the field."
The photos have been republished in Ireland and Italy, and are widely available online.
The editor of the Daily Star in Ireland was suspended last night.
When Closer published the photos on Friday, Will and Kate condemned the move as a "grotesque" invasion of the Wilkat's privacy "reminiscent of the worst excesses of worst excesses of the press and paparazzi during the life of Diana, Princess of Wales".
The pictures were taken while in Provence at a chateau owned by Lord Linley, the Queen's nephew, from a public road.
The couple fly home from Tuvalu, where they are completing their royal tour, later today.
They have also launched criminal proceedings against the editor of Closer and the unnamed photographer in France, which carry fines of up to €45,000 £36,000 and the possibility of a year in jail. These proceedings could take up to two years to work their way through the French courts.
The French prosecutor opened a preliminary criminal investigation into the pictures.
The first stage of the inquiry, which could take months, according to the Daily Telegraph, will allow the prosecutor to decide whether to proceed with a full investigation into whether taking and publishing the pictures breached the couple's right to privacy under French law.
The prosecutor will also have to decide who any criminal proceedings are directed against.
The royals' complaint cites “persons unknown” but it is understood they want proceedings brought against both the editor of Closer magazine, which published the photos on Friday, and whoever took the images of the couple sunbathing at a chateau in Provence earlier this month.
In court yesterday, Aurelien Hamelle, a lawyer for the royal couple, said the Duchess was a "young woman, and not an object" and the photos were from a "highly intimate moment".
Bringing the civil action, he said his clients were not demanding the magazine be pulled from shelves, as "the damage is done", but they did not want any more copies printed of last Friday's edition that contained the controversial pictures.
Drawing a parallel with the "useless, morbid and fatal hunt" by paparazzi that led to the death of William's mother Princess Diana, Mr Hamelle urged the judge to grant an injunction against all republishing of the photographs in print and in digital form and to ban their resale.

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I was born in the Philippines, so today (September 17 in the United States and September 18 in the Philippines) is officially my BIRTHDAY. Thank you very much for the gift of life, my Lord. Thank you very much for all the blessings!



On Monday, September 17, the glossy Italian magazine Chi published a 26-page special edition featuring 50 intimate photos of the Duchess of Cambridge taken while she was recently on vacation with Prince William in France, reported the Radar Online.
Chi reportedly has some 200 images of the future queen sunbathing naked at the private estate in Provence last week.
The Chi cover, featuring three topless pictures of Middleton was first unveiled Saturday in Italian newspapers and television under the headline ‘Court Scandal: The Queen is Nude!’
Alfonso Signorini, the editor of Chi, tweeted that “not even a direct call from the Queen” would stop him from publishing the pictures.
Signorini, 48, posted the message online after being asked about the decision to publish the photos by one of his followers on Twitter.
“I am convinced by this scoop that Chi will be publishing on Monday because that is what we are talking about,” he said. “These pictures are not offensive or in poor taste, they are not morbid and they do not damage the dignity of anyone.
“Instead the pictures that were published in Britain of Prince Harry were exactly that — if I didn’t recognize the journalistic value of what I had then if I did not publish them I would be better off in a market selling artichokes.
“These pictures were taken while the couple were on a terrace and they were taken from a public place so there is no suggestion of an invasion of privacy.”
In his op-ed accompanying the topless photos, Signorini further defended his decision to publish them, by writing: "For the first time, the future Queen of England appears in a natural way, free from all artificial elements required by her role. The Royal Family, instead of getting angry with the media, that are simply exercising their right to inform, should, in my humble opinion, take the opportunity and comment on this scoop with the typical British humour, by saying 'So what?'".
Britain’s Press Association quoted Signorini as saying the photographs represented “a deserving topic because it shows in a completely natural way the daily life of a very famous, young and modern couple in love.”
The magazine is owned by former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s Mondadori group, which also publishes Closer, a French magazine that was the first to release topless photographs of Middleton last week.
The Royal Family is preparing to pursue legal action in France later on Monday against the unidentified person who took the photographs.
A spokesman for the couple said: “The complaint concerns the taking of photographs of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge whilst on holiday and the publication of those photographs in breach of their privacy.”
The British royal family began legal proceedings against Closer magazine last week, calling the photographs a “grotesque” abuse.
No British outlet has published the topless photographs, respecting an informal agreement between the press and the royal family at a time when the journalists’ behavior and practices are under intense scrutiny after the phone hacking scandal focused on several tabloids owned by Rupert Murdoch.
Meanwhile, Prince William and Kate arrived in the Solomon Islands Sunday as part of the royal couple's tour of South Asia.

Saturday, September 15, 2012



-- William was so furious he called in lawyers to sue French Closer and fears he and Kate may now be subjected to the same sort of hysterical paparazzi hounding that haunted his mum Diana

As they soaked up the adulation of delighted royal fans on their Far East tour, everything looked rosy for William and Kate, reported the Mirror News.
But the couple’s joy was shattered by the appearance of shocking topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge in a French magazine.
And last night they were said to be devastated and saddened at the intrusive shots of them relaxing on a balcony at a chateau in Provence during a private holiday this month.
William was so furious he called in lawyers to sue French Closer over the pictures that have been shown around the world on the internet.
The prince fears he and Kate may now be subjected to the same sort of hysterical paparazzi hounding that haunted his mum Diana in the months before she was killed in a Paris car crash 15 years ago. Worried William told aides: “I don’t want what happened to my mother to happen to my wife.”
As unrepentant Closer editor Laurence Pieau last night defended publishing the pictures, a royal source said: “William is furious to say the least. The more they heard about what was in the pictures the more their sadness turned to anger and disbelief.
“This is exactly the kind of thing he wanted to prevent from happening. This is what made him so cautious about bringing Kate into the royal fold, he didn’t want her to be subjected to a life of scrutiny with no freedom, no privacy.
“Until now he has felt this has been somewhat possible. But these photographs have crossed a real line. He is utterly devastated.
“Now he is worried they are staring at a future with no freedom.”
William and Kate, both 30, yesterday put on a brave face amid the furore as they continued their tour of the Far East with a visit to Asyakirin Mosque in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
But the couple’s fury showed through in a strongly worded and unprecedented statement released by Buckingham Palace. It read: “They have been hugely saddened to learn that a French publication and a photographer have invaded their privacy in such a grotesque and unjustifiable manner.
“This is reminiscent of the worst excesses of the paparazzi during Diana’s life and the more upsetting to the duke and duchess for being so.
“They had every expectation of privacy in the remote house. Officials are consulting with lawyers.”
A source said: “This was a statement driven by William. He wanted the world to know how strongly he condemns this.” Kate was said to be “deeply upset” by the pictures.
The source said: “This has completely thrown the duchess because it is the first really horrible thing that has happened to her since she entered the royal household.
“She has always been acutely aware of the pitfalls of her new position, but until now she hasn’t experienced anything truly negative. This has deeply shocked her.
“Like any woman, she is mortified at the thought of people looking at these images. She is also anxious William shouldn’t feel responsible in any way for what has happened.”
Clarence House confirmed it will sue French Closer. A spokesman said: “Legal proceedings for breach of privacy have been commenced today in France by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge against the publishers of Closer Magazine France.”
The Mirror was offered pictures of Kate in her bikini on the same balcony a week ago but chose not to publish them on the grounds of privacy, as with the recent naked images of Prince Harry in a US hotel room.
Di’s friend Rosa Monckton led the chorus of anger from outside the royal family. She tweeted: “I was on holiday with Diana in Greece 10 days before she died. Press: 5 boats, 10 helicopters, 250 journalists. ‘It’s a hunt Rosa,’ Diana said to me. Let the duchess have a private life. She needs down time for her own sanity.”
A source close to David Cameron said Number 10 “echoes the sadness of the Palace”.
Publicist Max Clifford said: “I’m surprised at this, considering what happened in France to William’s mother 15 years ago. That adds to the upset it will have caused them.”
Labour culture spokeswoman Helen Goodman told how she was sent a copy of the photo of Kate on Twitter. But she added: “Just blocked vile sender. People should be allowed privacy whoever they are.”
Closer editor Pieau said the magazine had other images of the duchess at the chateau in the Luberon region of Provence that are even more ­intimate. She added: “One shouldn’t dramatise these pictures. What we saw was a young couple just married, who are in love, who are beautiful. She’s a young woman who is topless, just like the ones who can been seen on all of the beaches of France and the world.”

William and Kate were first told of the magazine’s intention to publish the pictures as they sat down to breakfast yesterday morning at the British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur.
Despite their disappointment and anger, St James’s Palace said last night the couple “remain focused” on their Diamond Jubilee tour.
Kate covered her head with a veil and removed her shoes before she entered the Asyakirin Mosque, in keeping with Islamic tradition. It brought back ­memories of Diana, who did the same when she visited one during a tour of Pakistan in 1996. Around 10,000 royal fans turned out to cheer William and Kate as they arrived. The prince later gave a speech to 1,000 businessmen and women at a convention centre.
He and Kate then went to a Diamond Jubilee tea party where the duchess chatted to the renowned shoe designer Jimmy Choo. He said: “She is an absolutely beautiful person.”
As the couple arrived at Kuala Lumpur airport to board a jet for Sabah in Borneo, the strain of hearing about the pictures of his wife showed on William’s face.
He looked straight ahead with clenched teeth while walking along a red carpet laid out in the VIP area. But Kate still flashed a smile to waiting reporters.

Friday, September 14, 2012



Topless photos of Kate Middleton were published on Friday, September 14, in the French magazine Closer.
The pics, which show the Duchess removing her bikini top, were taken when Prince William’s wife was recently sunbathing on vacation at a private home in the South of France, reported the Gossip Cop.
In the five-page Closer spread, photos reveal Middleton stripping down to her bikini bottom and relaxing on a terrace as Prince William rubs suntan lotion on her back.
One caption in the magazine reads, “The last time we saw Kate and William on a balcony it was for their wedding. But they had more clothes on.”
“People always say she doesn’t need to dress up to look good. Well… Kate is proving this,” reads another caption.
Royal aides traveling with the Duke and Duchess in Malaysia, where they’re marking Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, said the couple was “saddened” by the publication of the photos.
There’s even talk of the royal family exploring legal action for what it believes is an invasion of privacy.
The somewhat blurry photos were shot from a distance where Middleton was clearly unaware that she was under the lens of the paparazzi — in the same country where 15 years ago Prince Williams’ mother, Princess Diana died while fleeing photographers.
“Their Royal Highnesses had every expectation of privacy in the remote house. It is unthinkable that anyone should take such photographs, let alone publish them,” said a St. James’ Palace official, adding, “The incident is reminiscent of the worst excesses of the press and paparazzi during the life of Diana, Princess of Wales, and all the more upsetting to the Duke and Duchess for being so.”
A palace official added that the royal family feels “a line has been crossed” with the publication of the photos.
The topless Middleton pics come just weeks after Prince Harry was photographed in Vegas partying nude, a point not missed by Closer.
Another photo caption in the French magazine reads,”Harry started the fashion: these days the Windsors take their clothes off.”

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fil-Am designer to dress Hollywood star Tia Barr in Emmy’s Award

Fil-Am designer to dress Hollywood
star Tia Barr in Emmy’s Award

By Alex P. Vidal

LOS ANGELES, California – Another Filipino-American artist is making waves in the United States. This time, Sheryl “Shey” Nacpil-Plata, a 27-year-old resident of Aliso Viejo, California, has made heads turn in the world of fashion design.
Shey, who arrived in the US in 2007 from Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga, has been tapped to dress Hollywood actress and TV host Tia Barr in the 2012 Emmy Awards in Beverly Hills. The show will be televised “live” during the 64th Primetime Emmy’s hosted by Jimmy Kimmel on September 23.
A Spokes model and known for her diverse abilities, Barr has appeared in film, television and stage. She has produced roles in everything from playing the character Annie Chapman in Alfred Hitchcock's murder mystery remake The Lodger to Comedy Central's Last Laugh acting in comedy skits with Dave Attell.
She can currently be seen on the hit drama "Sons of Anarchy" on the FX network and many other films and TV shows.
“It’s an honor to be part of the show and to be assigned to dress one of the most prominent models in the United States today,” quipped Shey, a mother of two--Raan, 6; and Andre, 5.


Shey maintains a website  she uses to market her products which has attracted Prada model Kristen Rae Myers.
Appearing as guest on FilmOn.TV LA “live,” Beverly Hills top television morning show on September 4, Myers, an HD Reality TV actress and model, admitted she was attracted to Shey’s products after visitng her website.
“I Googled her (Shey) name and contacted her,” revealed Myers, who is based in Los Angeles.
Shey told FilmOn.TV LA 90210 host Marianna Hewitt and co-host Alicia Blanco her favorite models are German Heidi Klum and the Kardashian sisters. She likes Klum, a model of Vogue and Elle, for being “classy she doesn’t have to lift her fingers.”
Shey loves the Kardashian sisters’ “styles and everything.”


Shey, who finished biology at the Angeles City University in Pampanga, Philippines in 2007, chooses to dabble in fashion design instead of pursuing a career in medicine “because I feel like everything is possible here (fashion design in the US).”
In her website, Shey acts as model for her own products consist of Urban Chiq Dress, Cross Back Body Suit in Black, Victoria Laced Dress, Angel Laced Mint Romper, Leather Trim Strap, Beverly Maxi in Tan, Soho Mini Skirt, Parisian Draped Sweater, Teal Cropped Top, among other styles of all her 164 products
“Eventually I would like to have a boutique; I got a lot of suggestions from friends in Orange County,” sighed Shey, eldest daughter of Angelo Nacpil and Ely Concepcion-Nacpil. She is married to banker Joseph Plata and has a younger brother, Michael Dean Nacpil, 22. 
Shey said she is interested to also dress Filipino showbiz personalities, TV talk show hosts, among other models. "If I did it to Hollywood personalities, I can also do it to my fellow Filipinos. I would be very proud to serve my fellow Filipinos," she quipped.